About Hutsepotbos

The Hutsepotbos is part of the nature reserve Rijvissche, which has a number of important qualities. For example, the soil relief has hardly changed – an exceptional situation in our urbanized region. The area still undergoes the influence of the Scheidbeek and evolves from a wet depression with clay soil in the north – where the area also performs a water-retaining function – to a sandy loam and finally sandy soil in the south. The only exception to this is the zone where two villas have been built, the castle park and the routes of the former railway and tram bed. Here the original soil relief has been significantly modified by human intervention, but because of the historical value of these interventions, this is now valued as a quality. The majority of Rijvissche is indicated on the biological valuation card as biologically valuable to very valuable. A fox family currently resides in the Hutsepotbos itself. The wet zone, to the north of the forest, is under water for three quarters of the year and is an excellent area for kingfisher, killers, coots and moorhen in the breeding season and a good wintering area for, among others, teal and gadwall.

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