Do you want to help protect the Hutsepotbos?
Currently we have gathered 6800 euro to buy 1361 m2 forest in the Rijvissche. Thank you very much to the individual sponsors! There have been also some group deposits or actions:

  • Neodocs 2017: 460 €
  • Neodocs 2018: 747.52 €
  • Quiche sales 2018: 127 €
  • Open Bar 2018: 80 €
  • Neodocs 2019: 327.93 €
  • Eco-comedy of the Low Impact Man: 567.11 €
  • 40th birthday of Nicolai: 255 €

Nature is essential for the well-being of all humans. We need biodiversity – the variety of all living organisms – for its invaluable ecosystem services, providing oxygen, clean water, food, fertile soil, shelter, protection from storms and floods, a stable climate and recreation. The preservation of biodiversity is the preservation of mankind and its future. Did you also know that nature is of great importance for biotech research (more info)? And did you know that, in turn, biotech can help to support nature (more info)?

Who are we? We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate biotechnologists, with a heart for nature. When hearing that Natuurpunt, the largest Belgian nature conservation organization, was looking for money to buy and develop nature reserves at a stone’s throw from our workplace, we didn’t hesitate to step up. The result is this call to everyone who cares about nature, in order to protect nature together with us. Both now and in the future.

Best wishes,

Annick, Ruben, Stien, Fien, Leander, Boris, Pierre-Mathieu, Lana, Clara, Hannes & Jasmien

Pictures from Philippe Ampe, Benny Cottele, Frank Maes and Karel Spruyt


How to make a gift

Deposit your money on bank account BE56 2930 2120 7588 from Natuurpunt. Mention “Gift 6689 – Hutsepot Biotech”.

Or do it online at this website.

For gifts of €40 or more, you will receive a fiscal certificate that you can use to get a tax reduction of 45% of the amount actually paid the next year. So if you pay €40, you will get €18 back from your taxes, and will have paid only €22. Here is an overview of some amounts paid and returned in your taxes the next year.

Amount paid Tax return Actual amount paid
€40 €18 €22
€60 €27 €33
€80 €36 €44